Tuesday, 9 September 2008

BBQ Times

Below are some of our favourite BBQ moments...

Chris in shorts with the old football BBQ
Chris doing a BBQ meat and beer dance

John appreciating the BBQ
John's BBQ dance

The new BBQ with burgers and sweetcorn (we do accept some non-meat products on the BBQ)
Classic BBQ - burgers and sweetcorn

Monday, 1 September 2008

End of Summer BBQ Season

The End of the summer season is drawing in and the count down to Christmas is approaching, but fear not! Bbqing like Christmas can go on all year round. Now I am not going to be donning a Santa Claus outfit anytime soon Chris and I will however, be buying a new bbq. Over a year has gone by and while our current Argos BBQ has served us well, it’s time to move back to old friend the Kettle Style football bbq first purchased of eBay all that time ago.

Now while Chris and I plan to brave the English winter and beyond to continue indulging in BBQ cuisine, those poor souls without barbecues may still enjoy good food indoors thanks to the George Forman Grill.

Chris owned a smaller George Forman grill a few years ago and though friends I had tried food a la Forman a few times. So why didn’t I buy one sooner? Simple, I am lazy and they didn’t seem to be lazy person friendly when it came to cleaning.

Enter the George Foreman 12205 Health Grill.

Monday, 9 June 2008

New BBQ for Summer 2008

John and I celebrated the new summer season with a new outdoor BBQ bought mail order from Argos online. Assembling the flat pack BBQ was reletively simple and in no time we have our BBQ lit and burgers and chargrilled chicken.

Below are some of our favourite shots from the day.

John setting up the Argos BBQ - flat pack and assembled in 10 mins (honest!)
John assembles Mail Order Argos BBQ

First lit BBQ of the summer!
and the BBQ is lit!

The first burgers of the year!!
The first burgers on the new BBQ!

Art-House shot of the BBQ and flame
Surely this picture should be in an art house cinema

The money shot - John with the first burger of 2008!
The important taste test - Burger Tasting

Monday, 9 April 2007

Send us BBQ and Beer

To be featured on my “Send us BBQ and Beer Stuff and I’ll Blog About You” feature simply contact us with below about any products and promotional material you want.

I’ll then take photo’s and blog about you, your company or your services. Please send me as many details as you can with the freebies.

Thanks, Chris & John

Welcome to BBQandbeers.com

Welcome to BBQandbeers.com, co-founders Chris Bishop and John Phillips are on a crusade to review all BBQ cooking and taste every beer and ale available to man. We aim to share this knowledge to our fellow men to ensure BBQ times are fun times.

Merchants and suppliers or BBQ's, BBQ equipment, meat and all beer producers feel free to send us your BBQ and beers and we will happily review your products for the whole internet to see.

Until next time - Fast Drinking, Slow Cooking